wishes and dreams : google's big social play beyond Buzz
you might be a social extortionist if

when influencers become extortionists

Note: All of the actions below have occurred in real life.  I have read the complete transcripts and email records.

Cash Dear Social Extortionists,

By now, many smart brands are familiar with the game you play.  You call and you threaten.  You harass and then you post.  On the one hand you claim to be "the voice of the customer" while on the other you expect preferential treatment because you're supposedly more important.  So all pigs are created equal but some pigs are more equal than others?

Do you think you're special?  Do you think you're gifted?  Do you think your 1K+ followers on Twitter entitle you to something?  What would your audience think if they heard your initial phone call to the brand?  Your threats to write a post?  Your tone in addressing some poor call center rep?

Sure, there is the occasional customer service breakdown.  And you may have an honest bone to pick.  But let's be clear, your audience doesn't make you special or any more important than every other customer.  You don't deserve complimentary anything because of your audience.

You put brands in an impossible position.  Brands don't want to be negative or point fingers.  They don't want to post a full recording of the offending phone call or email.  They don't want to share with the world that you called their executives at home and harassed their families.  They don't want to air your dirty laundry.  But if you continue to push too hard, someone is going to start to put it all out in the open.


A guy trying to build this business instead of making executives run from it.