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Sponsored Tweets isn't the end of the world as we know it

why we read, why we trust

Why we read why we trust

IZEA makes noise, and that is (by and large) good for a company that sells noise.

There's nothing wrong with a gimmick.  But gimmicks aren't a substitute for strategic marketing.  And bad gimmicks are bad for everyone.

There is a reason that we read, that we subscribe and that we engage with social personalities.  They entertain, they inform and most importantly, we as brands, readers and marketers know what to expect.  These expectations for an unwritten social contract.

Advertising and sponsored messages have a place as advertising and sponsored messages.  Promotions have a place as promotions, and social personalities have the right to do as they please.  However, anything that compromises the integrity of the social interaction weakens the unwritten social contract that bonds the social personality with their audience.

This does no good for the social personality, their audience or the offending/support brand.  And any social personality who seriously violates this contract has limited integrity, limited trust and limited value to brands. 

There is a lot of good that can come from a good relationship between social personalities and marketers, but only so long as it doesn't compromise the integrity of the unwritten social contract.

Use your gimmicks as gimmicks.  Don't forget the marketing.

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