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5 Challenges Presented by Aggregators

the magical pill for today's market

Magic beans Every marketer dreams of the magic pill, the magic bean, the magic technology that solves it all.

  • Press X button and you will make more money.
  • Take Pill Y and you will loose weight.
  • Read Book Q and you will have the answers.
  • Hire employee A and you can cross that capability off your list.

But have these tactics ever really worked?  Has convenience really bettered our lives? 

Are we less stressed now that we have the internet?  Do we spend more time relaxing now that we have washing machines?  Are we leading richer lives now that we have disposable plastics?

Success is not about the technology or the solution, it's about the journey.

Do not think about the next big thing as your solution, because it isn't. 

Action inspired by insight has been and will always be your solution.  Action defines movement, movement defines successful progress and successful progress means hitting your goals.

And that's not a magic pill, is it?

When your client or manager asks you about the new magic pill or technology, that field of dreams they will pour resources into in the dream that people will come, ask yourself one simple question: why? 

Because when that strategy doesn't perform as promised, espcially in today's economy, you will be held accountable.