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seth godin taught me/us a lesson... for free

Tribes Yesterday I wrote a post

I was confused.  Because it was yesterday.

I was operating in pre-today's mindset.  But as of today, I have learned something incredible, and I'd like to thank all of you for helping me learn this valuable lesson:

If content is good enough, if we believe in an author/contributor strongly enough, if we subscribe to a leader's philosophy in a powerful enough manner, we will accept their change in our status quo. 

We will change our expectations when remarkable things happen.

Changing the status quo is a dangerous game.  More will fail than succeed. 

But if what you're doing is good enough, if your merits, your status as a leader, and your community's invested equity in your leadership is strong enough, they will adapt their expectations to the new dynamic/market you, the leader, have proposed (or created).  Especially if we (the community/tribe), think that we are getting the better end of the deal.

Yesterday, I thought that Seth was pushing the envelope into potentially dangerous waters.  Today I learned that markets and dynamics are not as hard and fast as I had previously believed.

The proof is in the pudding.  Seth Godin is a tribal leader will with an incredibly loyal tribe.  Seth flexed his power, and the community by and large embraced his maverickitude.  Dozens of people blogged about Tribes the book and possibly even more about Tribes the free audio book.  Countless comments and discussions took place around Seth's innovative marketing tactic.   And few people had many complaints. 

I have made my peace and accepted the new dynamic. 

Please feel free to read, comment and share my blog, free of charge.