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our connected lives - 10 Signs of Connectivity Addiction

Cat 5 Hello, my name is Jon and I am a connectivity addict.

Connectivity can be a healthy conduit to personal, social and professional growth, but it can also (at times dangerously) redefine our lives.  Just as with any addiction, connectivity addiction starts out slowly, but ultimatelybecomes a deep rooted dependence.  Before we begin to discuss how to cope with or "cure" this addiction, it is imperative that we properly diagnose this condition.

10 Signs of Connectivity Addiction

  1. You are on Twitter/Plurk/Facebook while your family/personal life goes on around you.
  2. When your cellphone or blackberry vibrates, your first instinct is to check it.
  3. You feel disoriented when your cellphone or blackberry kicks the bucket.
  4. You think the new Dash GPS product with Twitter is brilliant.
  5. You find yourself Twittering about having lunch meeting with someone while you are in the lunch meeting. The same can be said for major sporting events, concerts, conferences and meet-ups.
  6. When that new app comes out (Plurk, FriendFeed, Britekite) that everyone is talking about, you find yourself with a need to be there.
  7. Having an out of control feed reader is more daunting than that pile of unopened snail-mail.
  8. You refer to your coffee, family and/or sports teams in 2.0 jargon.
  9. You do not draw the line between Social Media and Digital Social Media.
  10. You find yourself writing this post at 5 in the morning "because you are up"

But these are just my thoughts. 

What about you?  What are your signs of Connectivity Addiction?

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photo credit: Darren Hester