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experience planning and the perception differential

Variable perspective You can sequence your ads. 

You can sequence your website experience.

But you can't sequence a consumer experience. 

There is more to a consumer experience than our brands... there are real people experiencing real lives.

A consumer experience is defined by the consumer perspective, by the varying degrees of attention they pay to your messages, by their mindset at the time of the interaction, by the medium, by their social dynamic, personality type, etc.  Whether it be traditional media, digital media, social media, lead gen marketing, DR/DM, experience design, or promotions, there is a key ingredient that is rarely considered - the total user perspective.

I would like to coin a phrase - differential perception

Differential perception is the degree to which your communications and brand experiences are impacted by the subjective nature of a given user's experience or perspective. 
Differential perception is more than a standard deviation or a static number.  It defines the total effectiveness of your marketing.

Why It Matters:

Establishing a variable differential perception quotient is key to activating across multiple media touch points in an increasingly fragmented world.  Whether it be the translation or transition of GRPs to CPMs, or CPMs to variable experiential interaction scores, there has to be a degree of individuality and customization taken into account. 

Not all exposures and experiences were created equal.  Failure to recognize and account for the variable impact of media and brand messaging in the broader mindset of the consumer point of view represents a fundamental flaw in our current media landscape. 

Next Steps
There are many bright minds at work in the media world. 

I would love to hear your perspectives and proposals.  How would you account the gross impact of the perception differential?  Can one account for a perception differential?  Does it even matter?

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