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knowledge vs. intelligence

Knowledge Greg Verdino authored a great post around knowledge in the cloud

In case your not familiar with the concept, here are the basics:

Incredible amounts of knowledgeable perspective are floating across "the internets".   Experts across virtually every field are freely sharing their perspectives, their  insights, and their visions for the future.   This may potentially change the future of our knowledge-based economy.

I would like to posit that even with the incredible amount of information being shared and consumed, there is still and will always be a demand for knowledge sources, for intelligence.  Knowledge sources are the creators of the information going into the cloud.  Knowledge sources may be sharing their knowledge and their perspective, but with rare exceptions, they aren't generating intelligence.  Knowledge sources are not putting themselves out of business by sharing their thoughts, rather they are building their own personal brands by utilizing their intelligence to derive insights, to share their knowledge.

Intelligence is the ability to perceive, interpret and responding to one's environment.

Knowledge is the understanding of what has happened.

Not all knowledgeable people are intelligent.  Anyone can gain knowledge by tapping into the cloud.  Intelligence is needed to build a future.  Intelligence is the commodity that smart companies will always seek.  Savvy companies will not be hiring the most knowledgeable employees, they will be recruiting the smartest, most intelligent employees (and sure, they will have a fair degree of knowledge).

Knowledge is what's needed to understand the past.  Intelligence is what is needed to manipulate the present to create the future.

No amount of knowledge gained from the cloud can generate intelligence. 

Greg and his companions will always be in demand.