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magazines aren't dead

Business_20_5 Sure, magazines may be closing at an alarming rate, but this is a natural market-evolutionary process. Traditional analog media don't play well in a long tail environment.  Magazines will shift, but they aren't going away.

Think about it.  You can't read a full article off a screen...

  • comfortably in bed or on the lying on the couch,
  • easily from the bathroom,
  • or clearly from the train.

There is a cultural-human comfort in reading print style media in print.

I enjoy getting news and scores off but I'm still subscribing to Sports Illustrated for the outstanding quality of their long form editorial and the unequaled realism of their photographic journalism.

Towards that end, I would enjoy reading a weekly analog periodical compiling the best new media editorial from across the blogosphere.  Additional non-blogger created assets would include in depth interviews, stunning visual presentations and long-form case studies.  As much of this content already lives across the blogosphere, it wouldn't even be all that expensive to pull together! 

There will always be a place for magazines in my life.

Am I crazy?