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future visions : Google @ The Pump

Dresser_wayne_ovationix Google Maps @ The Pump was a product just waiting to happen.

Real world extensions of the digital experience can be amazingly powerful.  

Given this initiative, I had a couple of ideas as to how Google could enhance this experience.

  • How about a "send SMS directions to mobile" option?  It's far more environmentally friendly - and it could fit seamlessly within an Android (Google Mobile) platform.
  • If you're going to stick with paper printouts, how about putting a recycling slot underneath every printer so drivers can recycle their used directions?
  • Wouldn't Google Wallet @ The Pump be a logical real-world extension given the on-the-pump extension?
  • How about wireless - wifi or bluetooth based syncing with Android capable phones?
  • How about relevant brand sponsored local advertising and points of interest? 
    • This would be a great local play for their mobile advertisers.

And lastly, given Google's recent moves into video content...

  • How about offsetting some of those unholy gas prices by serving local ads on screens facing the car?  Passengers and people filling up their tanks are a captive audience. 
    • I can't wait for the rediculous headline calling this service The Drive-In Of The 21st Century.

What other services would you add to the gas station experience?