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dreams and visionaries

Visions Visionaries are far more than geniuses or fantastic thinkers. 

Visionaries express sentiments, feelings and emotions that resonate deep within our souls; realizing authentic dreams that make you feel alive as a spectator, a witness to their genius.

Visionaries bring out the humanity in all that they encounter, resonating through a singular truth that advances thought, philosophy, science, art or a social movement.

All too often, we forget why we're working and what we're working towards both in our professional and personal lives.  When you ask a child what they want to do when they grow up, most of them will say something amazing.  They want to be an astronaut, a ballerina, a fireman or a doctor.  In their own way, they want to be great, they want to change the world.  Then they grow up. What happened to that child?

I would like to be believe that we all remember a time when we dreamed.  Many of us still dream to this day, however the (at times) crushing restraints of reality all too often kill these dreams before they are ever brought up in meetings or even casual conversations.

Ides of March recently launched an initiative called Idea From Scratch.  The idea is this:

I like the idea to generate something for something - like a cause or a charity but because I’m not sure what the idea is, I’m not sure what cause or charity that could be (I’d welcome some input on this).

There are no limits to what we can do.  There is no set board of governors to answer to, there are no strict deliverables or limitations.  As Chris O'Connell (a fellow Digitasian who is a media/marketing/strategy guru) said today,"When we're building something new, the only limitation is our imagination." 

So let's great creative, let's build something new, something great, something visionary. I look forward to seeing all of you there!

I'd love to hear about your dreams, your visions, your aspirations.  There's more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. If you could do anything, what would you do? 

Personally, I'd be a music therapist, teaching those who cannot express themselves through other means to communicate through the deeper channel that is music. What about you?

And now, a few words from one of - I believe - the greatest visionaries of our time, Jim Henson.

Have a great weekend!

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compelling creative

McdonaldsSo I picked this up off ON: Digital Marketing.  The greenery in the signage was a nice touch... but I've got too ask, why the grey background?  It's dull.  It reminds me of weeds growing between the cracks in the pavement. 

Wouldn't this have felt more "organic" if the plants were inserted on a faux wooden chopping board or in an earthy toned ceramic salad bowl?

If you're selling healthy and fresh, sell it.  You've got to tell the complete story.  A picture can tell a thousand words, why limit it to ten?

around the blogosphere : 10-17

  • This whole Obama Girl craze is amazing - there is a sticky viral element to this campaign that money can't buy.  Can anyone please explain why she is so popular - and why people continue to care?
  • Where would you draw the line between portal and platform?  Isn't a personalized user controlled portal, a platform on which you access your interwebbed content?

digital information - a new Mike Wesch video!

Our information structure has changed the way we work, the way think and the way we live.

The video below may be a bit shaky, but the once again Mike Wesch of Web 2.0 - The Web is Us/ing Us fame raises some great points!  Whereas his previous Web 2.0 video was all about the new dynamic, this new video is about our digital information infrastructure as a whole.  In a world where there are no walls and there is no "front page", a digital world without strict librarial categorizational discipline, new information ecosystems have emerged.  Check out the video, then please check out my two points analysis and add your own!

  1. I would add: there is no structure.  There are hints at artificial structure through tools like links, tags and clouds, but there can be no definitive "card catalog" in the free world of digital mediaThere are only organic learnings.  The community as a whole is not policed, it's is not overseen, it is purely organic, growing on it's own and feeding of it's own momentum.  In this environment popular misconceptions can and do become reality.  Unless we are looking at an authoritative source, collaborative projects like Wikipedia, Digg and Technorati's WTF represent where we are as a culture and should not be classified as "news" or "factual resources".  These outlets do not present truth or items of importance, they represent the random and at times not -so-random musings of a distracted society.
  2. On a similar note to the post above, I would not compare Wikipedia to an Encyclopedia.  Wikipedia houses vast amounts of information, but much of it is at best useless - if not outright fictitious.  This doesn't mean that I don't frequent Wikipedia as a great free resource, but I would not base any conclusions solely on the information presented therein.  There is a reason that we only read bloggers in whom we have a modicum of faith.  There is a reason why the NY Times has been a leader in the print newspaper business for decades.   Wikipedia is what the Harvard Law Review would look like if it were written by the hosts of The View.  It's a dash of urban legend tossed in with a heavy helping of popular misconception coupled with a sprinkling of reality to add flavor.  While it is true those women have a lot to say, but I wouldn't consider too much of it to be well resourced or authoritative. Anyone can write, anyone can edit - but that doesn't make them a journalist or an academic.  Wikipedia is a great case study in our new and emerging web structure, but it does not present the hard facts present in the real world.


Not the biggest fan of this second video (a bit too shaky to read, if anyone has a better copy please share!), but I figured I would throw it in for good measure.