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Innovation. We all use the word. But what does innovation truly mean?

LightIt has often been said that any great concept can be described in single sentence.  If additional ink is required, then perhaps your concept isn't so great (or you just don't yet fully understand it).

We all have our own individual perceptions of what innovation means.  As perhaps the most important term in marketing and media, it is essential that we begin to understand what it is we mean when we use this ubiquitous term.  In order to gain a true appreciation for the community perception of innovation, please submit (via email or comment) one simple line defining what innovation means to you.

We've already collected some great one liners, but the true power of the community will best be achieved when we all participate.   All that's needed is a quick one sentence along the lines of:
Innovation means...
Innovation is..

All answers will be posted to this blog Monday morning. We're then going to try to do something artistic with the answers, something along the lines of : taking all responses making some kind of tag cloud so the most common words will pop OR create a graphic expressing the most emotive, descriptive and powerful phrases.  All submissions and graphics will be free and public for fair usage under creative commons licensing.

[For results, analysis and the complete listing of all submissions click here. (wrap up final post)]

Please feel free to email me at with any suggestions for future one line surveys.