have you hugged a brand today?
funny, but not something I would VOTE for

part II: have you hugged a brand today?

A wise man once said "I get by with a little help from my friends."


Let's think about this:

We aren't friends with people because they help us get by.

They help us get by because they are our friends.

I am not friends with my shaver.
I am not friends with my breakfast cereal.
I am not friends with my car.
I am not friends with my mp3 player.

I will never be friends with any of the above.

I will interact with them when the interaction is fun, relevant or compelling TO ME.
I may experience emotions throughout these interactions.
These emotions may even prompt me to purchase, positively socialize, recommend or even promote a product or service.
But this doesn't make us friends.

People are friends with people.
Many people love and obsess over objects.
Nobody is friends with an object.

  • PEOPLE can be friends. 
  • SalesPEOPLE can be friends. 
  • No matter how smart or automated your system, people and objects or machines will never be friends.

How much HUMAN investment is YOUR BRAND willing to make in social media?