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around the blogosphere: 10-03

everybody's working for the weekend

Some Personal Thoughts

Forest So life has been insanely busy - both professionally and at home, what with a 3 month old baby and spending the holidays (we're in the middle of a week-long Jewish holiday called Succot) at my extremely hospitable in-laws.  I've also got really bad cold and some fairly persistent congestion.  Oh yeah, and on Sunday I finally made it out to my second Mets game of the season - to watch them finish it all off with a dull thump.  Sometimes you get so busy that you just want to escape to Bermuda for a couple days, throw away your cell and make sure your hotel doesn't have internet access. 

During the first day of the holiday my brother and sister in law were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  Holding a 2 day old newborn has to be the most amazing feeling in the world.  They are light, they are tiny, they are innocent they are pure.  It's amazing. 

So I came into work today facing a full day on a few hours too few sleep.  Then I came across Armano's post and it changed everything.  I'm not saying all my problems went away, but it always helps to get a little push, some positive reinforcement, a creative and exciting challenge where you least expected it.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to fail?  ...  Speaking of, when was the last time you believed?       *for more check out the full post here

        - David Armano



PS - Luckily, I've got a 3 day (2 days + sabbath) holiday starting tonight that involves singing, dancing, relaxing and no active electric technology usage - so I'm getting my Bermuda break on Long Island and G-d is turning off my cellphone and laptop for me!  It's 3 amazing days of nothing but analog, old school relaxation, can't wait!