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August 14, 2007


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» Innovation is... from Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog
How do you define innovation? As Jon Burg -- a colleague from my Digitas days and an all-around wicked smart guy (pictured here wearing a top hat -- yes, a top hat) -- posits on his new blog, Future Visions, we all use the word but probably have very d... [Read More]

» Innovation, in four words from AdPuppet
"Innovation is progress past perceived potential." - AdPuppet Check out Future Visions for more one line definitions on innovations. Joining the conversation at comment #13 is none other than yours truly...be sure to revisit Monday to check out all the [Read More]

» The 'one line' definition of innovation from Making Innovation Flourish
I just found this post which invites people to submit their single-line definition of innovation. It's worth having a browse [Read More]

» Presidential Hopefuls Ponder Innovation from Innovation Science
BusinessWeek recently asked several of the presidential hopefuls from both parties questions on the topic of innovation. BW started by asking how each candidate defined the word innovation (the definition of which Ive posted on several times, as have o... [Read More]


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